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Justice and the Dark Goddesses


We hear many talking all love and light and that is definitely a good thing. However; when we focus on that only, we get into a disconnected “Polyanna” approach to living that does not really prepare us to deal with the very real darkness that is a part of our life experience. Too much love and light rocks us to sleep in a false sense of security. It is negligence, in my opinion.

I am a shadow explorer—A Wild Moon Child—a criminologist, specializing specifically with deviant behaviors and I examine darkness not with hyperviligance or fear but with balance… AND—I entertain ALL conspiracy theories—again with balance.

You see, history in these conspiracy theories is the most grounded teacher and history in America is pretty dark if we are brave enough to explore. Upon that exploration we will note that there is no history more traumatic than those of the African Diaspora--- no other history. I wanted to look at ways to heal.

So I put a petition out to the Universe for reparations and I got a lot of opposition that discouraged me—folks looking like me. Daughters and Sons of the Diaspora:

o We don’t believe in:

§ Justice in our favor

§ Our ability to make decisions in our best interest

§ In our sovereignty – History (our teacher) did that

Dr. Joy Leary wrote about PTSD and it shows up on many levels—dimensions. It is spiritual. We know that Spirit speaks to us through signs and symbols. Here are the signs and symbols for us to consider:

o The birds falling from the sky (mostly reports of black birds)

o Since 2011 up to today there have been various reports of dead black birds….

o Black birds symbolize:

§ Mystery

§ Magic

§ Death and deeper levels of knowledge

§ Celtics believe that they are a symbol history, time, new ideas, (Rhiannon)

§ Messengers of spirit that a symbolic death is imminent

§ Good omen: toxic relationships end as well as overdue burdens

o Then, Dark Goddesses showing up to me

§ Connected to the Triple Goddess effect showing 3 phases (maiden, mother, crone) change/life

§ Justice themes with the Goddesses showing up

On February 22,2022 (2’sday) was United States’ Pluto Return. Pluto is connected to Scorpio energy which is about transformation, death and rebirth. The last time this happened was in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence. Pluto energy builds and is cathartic—Revolutionary war ended in 1783 --7 years later.

Now back to justice—Declaration of Independence says “all men are created equal”—whatever! We have targeted draconian laws/ sentencing disparities and we still have to remind mother fuckers that Black lives matter—just as much as everyone else’s. Is that what equal looks like? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness was only issued to a select few… We need justice for all—it is connect to worth.

Self love, acceptance, and respect is restored with justice and that justice speaks to value. We are in a nation that does not fully recognize that. But times, they are changing….

The Dark Goddesses show up in times of change. Change is not about freaking out/punking out, but getting the tools we need to navigate the situation effectively.

Now—on Thursday (connected to Jupiter for growth, expansion and abundance) not necessarily for reparations—but for justice. I do believe that we will not be in a space to receive it until we are given justice. So with that, I light a gold candle—for justice and receiving the growth and expansion that will bring us abundance.

I believe in the sovereignty of the black, the brown, the melaninated, the descendents of slaves, the oppressed on this planet and I intend to see justice in this lifetime. The Dark Goddessess have shown up to assist. Many have come through—here are the ones showing up for me:

· Oya

· Hecate

· Kali

· Diana

· Selene

· Demeter

· Artemis

· Persephone

I am certain there are more…. Listen to the podcast and get the 4-1-1 from the Priestess Cosmic Enchantment who is a master with this energy work—tell you what!

Peace and light; Peace and love!

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