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Getting In Tune With Our Needs for Alignment

Alignment with our Greatest Version

Being our greatest version is all about self love and truly being in tune with our needs. Psychologist Abraham Maslow developed a hierarchy of needs that gives us guidance on how progressively our needs change once more pressing needs are addressed.

We have our basic needs—physiological—the need for food and shelter; safety needs and our need for connection and belonging; esteem needs—where self love and care take place; and self actualization—where we are given an opportunity to express our greatest version.

It is a challenge, if not difficult (anything is possible) – if we are not getting our basic needs met. With that, we get into alignment with our greatest version by meeting our needs. Our energetic expression helps us in making the adjustments needed.

There are seven energy centers in the body also known as “chakras” which are described as energetic wheels of light that are aligned and correspond with the endocrine glands. These energy centers are also connected to the needs on the hierarchy (Abraham Maslow, 1943) which gives a clue to how our body’s energy is closely associated with our physical needs.

The gonads hold the energy of the “root chakra” also survival energy. Gonads are reproductive glands—basic survival and when this energy is deficient we express miserly behaviors and in abundance, greed. This is associated with the color red which in essence is a survival color. (Need: physiological/safety)

The Islets of Langerhans hold the energy of the “sacral chakra.” This energy center deals with our creativity and how we connect with each other. The Islets of Langerhans regulate glucose levels in our body and energetically the “sweetness” that we can tolerate. The color associated is orange which is connected to our creative expression (need: belonging/esteem).

The solar plexus energy is connected to the adrenal glands and this regulates our fight or flight response and confidence. Unbalanced this can show as aggression or timidity and is associated with the color yellow (need: safety/belonging/esteem).

The thymus gland is associated with the “heart chakra” and is responsible for regulating how the body responds to dis-ease. The heart energy is about our connections; too much displays a push-over and too little—apathy (need: esteem/self-actualization).

The thyroid gland is connected to the “throat chakra” and is all about our expression—too much or too little. The thyroid gland regulates our body temperature and metabolism. How we digest what is taken in is displayed in our expression.(need: esteem/self-actualization).

The pituitary gland is also known as the “master gland” that signals all glands to secrete hormones and associated with the “third-eye chakra.” This energy center is where our psychic abilities, perception, insight and wisdom lie. Too much energy here can show as being delusional and too little is lack of insight (need: self-actualization).

Lastly, the pineal gland is associated with the “crown chakra” and our ability to receive and discern. The pineal gland regulates our circadian rhythm which deals with our sleep and waking cycles (hence, the term “woke”). When this energy is under active shows as lack of trust and connection and over active is hyper spiritualism and fanaticism (need: self actualization).

A holistic approach reaches the physical, mental, and spiritual. When we see just how interconnected those are we begin to awaken our ability to heal ourselves through self love, self regulation, and self mastery.

Be encouraged to learn more about your energy centers as they hold the key to connecting to the greatest versions of ourselves.

Peace and light, Peace and love.

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