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Greatest Version H.A.C.K

Making the decision to be our greatest version is how many of us begin to see our true potential. Being the greatest version of ourselves is not about feeling that we are not enough as we are but, taking who we are-- all of us and elevating our expression of strengths.

There are some individuals out there that have a really cool vibe about themselves and it is tempting to duplicate it in an effort to tap into our greatest version. What we actually see is an example of someone else in their authenticity and want it for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with that. It is actually a good thing to be inspired by others and in fact; taking note of how they operate shows that something in them speaks to us. However, just be clear-- duplication is imitation. It is NOT authentic.

While we all have weakness and aspects of ourselves that could use adjusting; it is easier for us to elevate those qualities by moving into a place of loving acceptance of who we are by gaining a greater understanding of why and how so.

Once we learn about the things that we tend to not address and are not too proud of; are we able to get into a space to forgive not showing up for ourselves or even love ourselves enough to do the work to heal and move forward?

When we do it shows as H. A. C. K. which is actually a hack to being our greatest version which is the truth in you-- authentically. This is what it looks like when we drop the bullshit about what other people think and be about the business of focusing on ourselves:

  • Happy- the unshakeable vibe is positive and upbeat, carrying a lighter energy that is focused on enjoying life and living.

  • Authentic- Being ourselves. Unashamed and unapologetic in all of who we are; how we look and how we roll.

  • Confident- Blessed assurance. Not focused on what "they" think because when we feel good about ourselves it radiates a majestic "can and will do" energy. It is magnetic and useful for manifesting.

  • Kind- This is how we are relating to others around us. Respect is the bare minimum in interactions, bringing the kindness elevates vibes (like happy) because we are inspiring others to reciprocate and pass it on. It also repels low vibration energy as love (the root of kindness) is the shield to fear (the root of anger).

Being our greatest version is not all about how we look--- it is however, all about the H.A.C.K and how we show up.

Peace and light, Peace and love.

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