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Fire 4 Justice!

Fire 4 justice

I’ve been doing a ritual every Thursday because Thursday is associated with Jupiter which is connected to the energy of expansion, wealth and abundance. Fire is the element of action and lighting candles help in working to make adjustments in our subconscious thoughts.

Jupiter’s symbol resembles the number 4— I call it the Fire 4 Justice ritual. This ritual is about justice—reparations— but first— in alignment with Jupiter— our consciousness has to be expanded in order for everyone to be on the same page so that we can get that justice and receive reparations with will connect us to our abundance.

How is consciousness expanded for this situation?

  • recognizing the disparities (acknowledging that there is white privilege)

  • resisting the temptation to behave wounded when the truth is expressed— because we are looking for solutions— right?

  • and resisting taking on the perception of being attacked.

When I was in Grad school I was presenting on the unique experience of blacks in the criminal justice system and referenced the book by Michelle Alexander call the New Jim Crow that pointed out how the system is created to oppress not by just mass incarceration but mass probation.

See, being under supervision of the system is far worse because you are completely controlled by the system— where you go— who you associate with— and even so much as Jay walking has potential to put you in a cage. This is disturbingly prevalent in the black community that is about 13% of the population but like 75 percent of the prison and probation population. Why is that???

A deeper dive— and not just theory— demonstrates that there is a disparity in treatment of black people. If this seems ungrounded check the history— consciousness expansion.

So in presenting this information and a brief historic overview of disparate treatment— I discuss the traumatic affects of the very unique experience in black America— Referencing Dr. Joy Leary’s book on PTSD.

There were 2 people in class that spoke up saying that they were confused—with society being “progressive” this theory had no teeth..

I discussed how trauma works in the mental health realm— I broke it down on how victims of violence and war are affected which they could agree was valid however; they had difficulties connecting that this was not a direct traumatic experience— this was historic.

So I had to explain how being raised by trauma victims can affect the following generations—raising consciousness…

Recognize that time does not in fact heal wounds— what actually happens is that our subconscious mind tucks the experience away and we come up with “coping mechanisms” to deal with our trauma.

Dr. Leary points out that it is Ever present Anger— Vacant Esteem— and Racist socialization. We are pissed about a circumstance that we can change and are ineffectively showing up— We are not secure with ourselves and are easily led into any bullshitting identity—or/and we go along to get along—even buying into the hype that we fall short. So when an occult studies teacher taught me that there are 3 ways of programing the subconscious mind— Trauma, symbols, and repetition— it resonated…Spirit speaks through symbols and signs.

5 years later those two ladies that were in school with me— 1 became the Assistant District Attorney and the other a police office—bullshit you not…

Signs and symbols— the mentality of the power— the gatekeepers— There’s a disconnect…

It’s not always about a hateful mentality— I have shared a drink and a laugh or two with these people—It is about a consciousness— that ties us to B.S. (bullshit belief systems) A system of oppression.

The confederate flag— symbol, the American flag— symbol. Disconnected ADA and cop—sign— PTSD—Sign.

So we light the candle— symbol—to assist in aligning our consciousness— out of Anger— out of Vacant Esteem— out of Racist Socialization—and into the understanding that we can achieve, are worthy and deserving of justice— of reparations— and our abundance.

  • So on Thursday— light a candle 4 justice. The true essence of reparations.

Peace and light, Peace and love!

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