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Expanding the Crystal Game

With the heightened popularity of crystals, many are gravitating to working with them for their healing properties without really knowing just how many more ways they assist us. We just know that they do. While crystals definitely make a fashion statement especially when we wear them in our jewelry; they can also assist us in healing our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies in such a profound and impactful way. Here is the 4-1-1:

  • Crystals have the same molecules as the human body and hold energy that align with our energy to activate and awaken dormant energy within us

  • They act like a radio and assist us in tuning in to frequency (that frequency can be confidence, wealth, health, beauty-- all energetic frequency)

  • Crystals can assist in shifting and transmuting energy (repelling negative energy and charging elixirs etc.)

  • Crystals can assist in channeling and receiving information.

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to working with crystals. We can charge up water and when we do, we open the door to an extremely magical experience. Dr. Masaru Emoto did work on how energy travels through water which gives a really good framework on how crystal energy can impact our water. Frequency and vibration actually affects the quality of the water. This energetically places the water in direct alignment with what it was exposed to.

Imagine if that water is being aligned with the energy of a crystal. We open the door to aligning the water with the properties of the crystal. I must warn that all crystals are not suitable for placing in water let alone drinking water but I see more potential than just limiting charging water with the crystals directly and recognize the value of sitting the crystal in proximity with the water; close enough to receive the energetic vibration-- check the Emoto study on how the water was affected by energetic vibrations to really see where I'm coming from.

With this-- we have unlimited possibilities in doing healing work with water. We can simply sit and meditate with the crystal in our hand to receive the benefits, we can sit the crystal in our windows and allow the sun to cleanse them and the moon to charge them. Some of us even have large crystals in our rooms to raise the vibration of the atmosphere to the frequency of the crystal's energy. Then I take it back to water-- healing elixers. We know that our bodies are 80% water.

This is why I prefer to bring my crystals into my beauty regimen. Crystals charge the water in our bodies to transmute and awaken energy within us. I work with various types of crystal facial rollers to allow the healing benefits of the stone to align with my energy and assist me in being my greatest version. While there are many benefits of facial stone rolling, there is a little some extra that bringing crystals in the mix with give us. We can enhance our appearance. (We close pores, we smooth our skin, and we slow down aging-- and we incorporate the healing properties of the stone).

Now that we are aware with how this goes we can build our knowledge of different crystals and the healing properties. We can begin a fascinating journey in allowing crystals to heal us in so many new and creative ways. It is that simple.

Peace and light, Peace and love.

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