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Emotional Intelligence IS Intelligence

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Emotional Intelligence is an inside job that spills over to the outside and is all about being in tune and aware of your feelings so that we are able to connect better and have more compassion for others. Daniel Goleman; Psychologist and author of the book"Emotional Intelligence; why it matters more than IQ" lists characteristics of Emotional Intelligence essential in successful connections:

  • Self Regulation- the ability to regulate our responses (emotional and behavioral) to situations as they arise.

  • Self Awareness and Reflection of our Emotions which increases our Social Awareness of Thoughts and Emotional States around us.

  • Having the Social Skills to Create and Maintain Healthy Relationships.

  • Management of our Behaviors which spills over to our Relationships and shows up as Empathy and Kindness

  • Having an Ability to make Choices and be Accepting of the Consequences.

  • Having Empathy- an ability to see and appreciate another perspective from another point of view.

While this seems pretty basic, there are many of us that struggle with this not because we are unable to understand this concept, but we are unaware. So many of us are laser focused on our own experience that we never stop to think about how the world around us is affected. Emotional Intelligence gives us an opportunity to do what comes natural-- focus on ourselves, and gain a more expansive perspective on behavior in our social environment. We are all connected in this world. Our experience is similar and our responses are similar in varying degrees. Increasing our awareness helps in making the adjustment for more harmonious and successful connections.

Now that we are aware of Emotional Intelligence and the components, we can take an honest assessment and see where some adjustments can happen to improve our relations with others. Emotional Intelligence is a key that opens the doorway to heightening sensitivity and when that happens along with trusting what we feel; we also begin to strengthen our intuition-- our true intelligence which is at a soul level.

Just being a smart person navigating these streets can be very helpful if the mission is only to achieve knowledge that is only appreciated by ourselves. However, when we exercise emotional intelligence, we tap into a special wisdom that allows us to communicate and connect with others in a way that will exceed past our highest expectations because we are investing our focus on the world around us and how we can anticipate needs.

Emotional intelligence allows us to see the Divine in people and have reverence for the well being of others. This is an act of love that allows us to collectively raise the frequency of the world around us and open us up to do more good. So please-- when getting out and about; be intentional to connect with deliberate focus--Stop, Look, and Listen. Emotional Intelligence.

Peace and light; Peace and Love!

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