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Luminary Moon Theory Wisdom

Luminary moon theory is a download that I received on the profound wisdom that the moon can expose within planetary energy. As a student of astrology, I studied all of the planet’s energy and began doing work integrating those planet energies within my morning rituals in preparing for each day. As we may know, each day of the week is associated with planet energies with the exception of the Sun and Moon. The Sun and Moon are not planets; they are luminaries. Luminaries by definition are natural light giving bodies—they illuminate. While all of the planets in our solar system share the same Sun, we know that it is not true with the moon. The moon is different and exclusive to the planet that it is near. Many of our planets have several moons and there’s wisdom as to how to best navigate the planet’s energy that it surrounds. This is found in the number of moons with each associated planet. We can look to numerology in assisting us in decoding how to navigate the energy of each individual planet. In numerology, each number has a significant energetic expression associated which gives us insight and answers for each respective planet. The numbers also cross paths with the Tarot system that gives a deeper dive as to navigating the energy of the planets. The major arcana in the Tarot system have 22 energetic expressions. Many Tarot readers will tell you that the major arcana are representative of higher spiritual forces at work. This unlocks another dimension of wisdom when dealing with each of the planetary energies. Here is a list of each planet, the energy, the numerology and tarot guidance: Mercury- Communication—0 Moons · unlimited possibilities/ inner gifts · The Fool—innocence, beginings, trust, hope Venus—Love and Relationships—0 Moons · unlimited possibilities/ inner gifts · The Fool—innocence, beginings, trust, hope Mars—Passion, Physical Energy—2 Moons · Balance, Union, Receptive · The High Priestess—Wisdom, intuition (emotions may mislead you) Jupiter—Luck, Growth, Expansion, Fortune—79 Moons (7+9=16) · 7 (1+6=7) Spirituality, Consciousness, · 7- The Chariot—Controlling opposing forces, willpower, travel · 16—the Tower—Change, freedom, destruction of old Saturn—Structure, discipline, hard work, responsibility—82 Moons (8+2=10) · 1 (1+0=1)—Power, unity, individuality · The magician—Hidden power, magical ability, mastering unseen forces · 10- Wheel of Fortune—change, destiny, unexpected turn of events, good luck Uranus-Innovation, change, evolution—27 moons (2+7=9) · 9—attainment, completion · Hermit—guidance, solitude, inner wisdom, self evaluation · High Priestess/Chariot(2 and 7) Neptune—Inspiration, ideals, mystical inclinations, dreams—14 Moons · 5 (1+4=5)—travel, action, change · 14—Temperance—moderation, acceptance, harmony, resolution, cooperation, patience · 5—The Hierophant—Spiritual Authority, leadership, tradition, institutions · 1-the magician, 4- the emperor Pluto—Death, Rebirth, transformation, unconscious—5 Moons · 5—travel, action, change · The Hierophant—Spiritual Authority, leadership, traditions, institutions As we align with the energy of the day of the week, work in specific energy of a planet, or read astrology charts we have a new method of assisting us in getting deeper wisdom through the lumination of the moon.

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